‘This is not a refugee crisis. It is a solidarity crisis’, says Eli, as we sit in the backseat of our car. She is a volunteer on Chios, a political actor by default.

As we sit by the port, with Souda camp as the backdrop to our conversation, Abdullah reflects on the suffering he has witnessed on this island. Trapped here for more than a year, he is outraged by the impunity of those responsible and the disregard shown to human lives by organisations mandated to protect the rights of refugees. Abdullah, like Victor, Suhal, Dalia and many others, arrived from Turkey by boat.

12 people on Chios sharing stories. Life, projects, struggles, and solidarity. Sometimes personal, sometimes ordinary. Sometimes political.

12 Mirrors tries to challenge the dominant representations of refugees and amplify the voices of those working on the frontlines alongside them. It documents their resilience and everyday acts solidarity amidst the inhumane consequences of Europe’s border regime they daily witness.

A camera, a recorder and their voice. Each story reflects a fragment of an individual and, when put together, a mosaic of lives on Chios.

All audio recordings and photos on Chios were taken between January and June 2017. Some photos were kindly shared by Eli, Nick, Dani, Gabi, and Iñigo.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in or helped with the making of this project: Gabi, Suhel, Ahmad, Abdullah, Dani, Nick, Eli, Dalia, Jenny, Iñigo, Victor, Rebecca, Niamh, Izzy, Aislinn, Raul, Esther, and Nell.


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